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關於派送:目前Skyfoods的配送覆盖范围包括纽约市Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester, Longisland以及新泽西等地区. 除了大纽约地区可以送货上门以外,為了方便住在White Plains 以北以及康州的更多的客人目前網站已經在White Plains華夏中文學校以及Vahalla华夏纽约中心学校開放了自取點。具体覆盖范围可点击网站顶部菜单“配送区域邮编查询”进行查询。





關於會員制:網站購物採取會員制,分為Member“註冊會員”和 Skyfoods Insider“充值會員” 。





About us: Skyfoods 

Products: From the comfort of their home, customers can experience the service of the Skyfoods team to prepare and deliver organic, natural, fresh, and healthy selections.

Delivery services: Skyfoods online currently services the areas including Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island, Jersey City, New Port, Princeton, and White Plains. Customers can use our “delivery locations” page to find out if we currently deliver to their zone.

You may now select the date which you would like to receive your order. Simply advance to checkout and select from the available delivery dates. You may select up to two weeks in advance. We will be adjusting our calendar schedule gradually to ensure that we can offer you flexibility in receiving your goodies! Please continue to use our comment box to notify us of anything that you need to let us know.

Note: Orders placed before 3:00pm can receive next day delivery (if the following day is available). The calendar system will automatically determine the earliest delivery date if shopper does not specify. 


Membership types: There are two membership types. Regular members and Skyfoods Insider.

*Member: Shoppers can use the traditional methods of shopping and pay a delivery fee with their order (no minimum purchase required).

*Skyfoods Insider:  Shoppers who charge $500 credit into their shopping account will receive 5 free deliveries. Skyfoods Insider will also receive loyalty member gifts during holidays and each time the customer recharges their account. Skyfoods Insider can receive points for their orders and redeem it for rewards.  

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